The United Fund of Giles County began operations in 1957 as a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization.



  1. To assess, on a continuing basis, the need for human service programs; to seek solutions to human problems; to assist in the development of new or the expansion or modification of existing human service programs; to promote preventive activities; and foster cooperation among local agencies serving the community.

  2. To develop as fully as possible the financial resources needed to meet the health and human service needs of the community.

  3. To allocate UFGC funds to fully maximize the resources available to agencies for services aimed at the most urgent current needs of the community, including those supplied by organizations not currently receiving UFGC financing.

  4. To create community support and commitment for UFGC through an effective communications program, which both speaks and listens to the community.

  5. To work in cooperation with other organizations or institutions that assist with any or all of the foregoing purposes. 


Our mission is to secure funding and administer the distribution to participating health and human service agencies as approved by the Board. The organization consists of all volunteers with the exception of the Executive Director. The United Fund of Giles County is not affiliated with the United Way.



Each fall a campaign is initiated to solicit funds to meet the budget as approved by a sub-committee of the Board of Directors in the prior month of May. The Budget and Admissions committee meets with the "Partner Agencies" to develop the annual campaign goal. After the recommendations are finalized, they are acted upon by the entire Board of Directors in Summer. Plans are then developed for a new Fall "Kick-Off" campaign in September. The United Fund's operating fiscal year is the same as the calendar year.

Community Assistance

The United Fund of Giles County is dependent upon citizens, corporate, government and other sources to contribute resources. The United Fund allocates those funds to the "Partners".



2013 Board of Directors

Tony Williams


Plant Manager, Couvrette Building Systems

Terri Dunford

VP, Campaign

Teacher, Giles Co. Public Schools (retired)

Pam Kantsios

VP, Finances

Town Clerk, Town of Rich Creek

Dianne Rader


Executive Director of GCUF

Cathy Clark

Exec. Director, Giles Co. Chamber

Ed Clark

Site Quality Leader, Celanese Acetate

Debbie Morris

Agent, Castle Rock Insurance

Brenda Smith

Owner, Smith Valley Meats


Charter Members 1957

Dr. W. C. Caudill, Pearisburg

Clarence J. Taylor, Pearisburg

Monroe Rule, Pearisburg

Dewey Coburn, Narrows

W. D. Trout, Narrows

Paul Comer, Rich Creek

Clarence Archer, Glen Lyn

Robert F. Misfeldt, Pearisburg

Mrs. George McLean, Pearisburg

Mrs. Paul Mullins, Narrows

Mrs. C. C. Linkenhoker, Narrows

Karl N. Mowery, Pembroke

Dr. C. W. Hepner, Pembroke

Mrs. Ruby Baker, Pembroke

S. A. Mansfield, Narrows

Doak Lucas, Newport

D. E. Hamlett, Sr., Klotz

Forrest Robertson, Staffordsville

Mrs. Gilbert Cook, Spruce Run

Miss Josephine Miller, White Gate

Clinton Buckland, Eggleston

Guidelines of the Budget and Admissions Committee

All agencies must provide direct and effective service to Giles County citizens at large.  Agencies, which will not be considered, are those whose services are limited to one town, community, or area of the county.

  1. All agencies must be non-profit organizations of a benevolent or service nature.
  1. All agencies must be declared by the Internal Revenue Service as 501-c-3 or other specified non-profits.
  1. All agencies are encouraged to register with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to solicit funds in Virginia.
  1. All agencies must submit the appropriate forms to the Budget and Admissions Committee during the specified application period each year to be eligible for funding.  Interviews with the agencies will be established.  Agencies must participate in the interview process.
  1. The Budget and Admissions Committee will review:
  2. Administrative salaries and operating expenses
  3. Duplication of services within the county
  4. Agency image within the county
  5. Decline in services in the county
  1. After the interviews, the Budget and Admissions Committee will determine the tentative amount of funding.  The Board of Directors at their summer quarterly meeting will make final approval.  Agencies will then be notified.
  1. In the event the Campaign does not reach its goal, the tentative funding amount will be reduced for each agency.
  1. Agencies may withdraw their application if they so desire by notifying the Executive Director.
  1. Agencies may be asked to assist/support the United Fund in its annual campaign in a variety of ways, subject to approval by the Agency and the Campaign Chairman of the United Fund.
  1. Acceptance of financial support constitutes an agreement that the agency will comply with the United Fund of Giles County, Inc. requirements that state: The agency will not conduct independent solicitations from businesses, industries, or individuals within Giles County during the primary campaign period which is held during September, October and November.  Any exceptions must be justified to the Budget and Admissions Committee.

B&A Guidelines, Rev. Apr ‘11

Bylaws 2009 Proposed Partner Support

Emergency Services: 38% $28,750 (28,750 divided by
American Red Cross
Giles County Lifesaving & Rescue Squad New River Community Action-Giles Newport Volunteer Rescue
Western Virginia Emergency Services Council

Medical Services: 19% $14,000
Free Clinic of NRV
Giles Medication Assistance Program
Med Ride
Mental Health Association of NRV

Community Assistance: 18% $13,550
Children’s Health Improvement Project Giles Co. Christian Service Mission NRV CARES
NRV Community Services
NRV Senior Services

Shelter & Housing: 14% $10,600
Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
Giles County Housing & Development Corporation
Giles County Shelter
Homeless Intervention Program
Women’s Resource Center

Education & Youth: 11% $8,100
Boy Scout Troop 34
Boy Scout Troop 68
Cub Scout Pack 34
Giles County 4-H Program
Literacy Volunteers of America-NRV

Subtotal $75,000

Administrative Expenses $6.460

Direct Campaign Expenses $8,540

Total UF Campaign Goal $90,000